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  1. Workshop on Deontic Modals at Northwestern, April 19 (more info here)

  2. USC Deontic Modality Workshop, May 20--22 (program here)

  3. Conditionals Workshop at the MCMP, June 29--30 A bit of the material presented elaborates on my previous work on ifs and oughts, but there will also be plenty of new material for those who have listened to my stories before. Update: the world is moving fast these days---the posting was outdated after merely 3 hours---and only two of the three events are actually going to happen.

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Negated Ifs in Amsterdam

This year's Amsterdam Colloquium will see me present my paper "Negating Conditionals in Bilateral Semantics." Here is the abstract: A recurring narrative in the literature on conditionals is that the

Subjectivity at the World Congress

I will be talking about subjectivity and other enigmas at the World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing on August 19. More info about this gargantuan congress here.

Can at the Central

Next week I will present my "Two Puzzles about Agentive Can" at the Central APA in Chicago (Thursday February 22, 12:10-2:10). David Boylan and Paul Portner have kindly agreed to comment. Here is the


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