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MLK Conference

It is going to be an exciting year and it all starts next week. Mark Sainsbury is organising this year's MLK conference, featuring papers and responses by UT philosophy graduate students (mostly first or second year of study). Of course, it takes place on MLK day (Monday 19th) and all are welcome. Here is the line-up:

Coffee, Rolls, etc
Welcome by Mark Sainsbury
Speaker: Steve James - Intentionalism
Respondent: Enrico Grube
Chair: Aidan McGlynn
Speaker: Ivan Hu - Supervenience and Anomalous Monism
Respondent: Kate Ritchie
Chair: Alex Grzankowski
Presenter: Colleen Keating - Imagining Five Impossible Things
Respondent: Garrett Holmes
Chair: David Ivy
Speaker: Dave Frank - Game theory and Thomas Hobbes's Science of Ethics.
Respondent: Jeff Pote
Chair: Briggs Wright
Speaker: Renee Chechik - Sellars on theory, observation and philosophy
Respondent: Jeremy Evans
Chair: Bryan Pickel
Beer at Gabriel's

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