I mainly work on problems that live at the intersection between philosophy and linguistics.

Research Articles

Negating Conditionals
Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Language, Volume II, edited by Ernest Lepore and David Sosa, Oxford University Press, forthcoming
[final draft] // [show abstract]

Perspectival Content and Semantic Composition (with Chris Kennedy)
Perspectives on Taste, edited by Jeremy Wyatt, Julia Zakkou, and Dan Zeman, Routledge, forthcoming
[final draft] // [show abstract]

Assertion, Expression, Experience (with Chris Kennedy)
Inquiry, forthcoming
[doi: 10.1080/0020174X.2020.1850338] // [final draft] // [show abstract]

Two Puzzles about Ability Can
Linguistics and Philosophy 44(3): 551–586, 2021
[doi: 10.1007/s10988-020-09296-6] // [final draft] // [show abstract]

Simplifying with Free Choice
Topoi 37(3): 379–392, 2018
[doi: 10.1007/s11245-016-9437-5] // [final draft] // [show abstract]

Lessons from Sobel Sequences
Semantics & Pragmatics 10(4): 1–57, 2017
[doi: 10.3765/sp.10.4] // [open access] // [show abstract]

Advice for Noncognitivists
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 98(S1): 174–207, 2017
[doi: 10.1111/papq.12160] // [final draft] // [show abstract]

Dynamic Foundations for Deontic Logic
Nate Charlow and Matthew Chrisman (eds.), Deontic Modality, 324-354. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016
[doi: 10.1093/acprof:oso/9780198717928.003.0012] // [final draft] // [show abstract]

Dynamic Thoughts on Ifs and Oughts
Philosophers’ Imprint 14(28): 1–30, 2014
[doi: 2027/spo.3521354.0014.028] // [open access] // [show abstract]

Dynamics of Epistemic Modality
Philosophical Review 122(1): 45–92, 2013
[doi: 10.1215/00318108-1728714] // [final draft] // [show abstract]

A Remark on Iffy Oughts
Journal of Philosophy 109(7): 449–461, 2012
[doi: 10.5840/jphil2012109719] // [final draft] // [show abstract]

Realizing What Might Be
Philosophical Studies 153(3): 365–375, 2011
[doi: 10.1007/s11098-010-9514-3] // [final draft] // [show abstract]

New Surprises for the Ramsey Test
Synthese 176(2): 291–309, 2010
[doi: 10.1007/s11229-009-9494-z] // [final draft] // [show abstract]

Der Wahrheitsbegriff in Martin Heideggers Sein und Zeit
Philosophisches Jahrbuch 113(1): 78–98, 2006
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Ernest Lepore and Una Stojnić (eds.): Oxford Handbook to Philosophy of Language. Oxford University Press, forthcoming
[draft] // [show abstract]

An Update on Epistemic Modals
Journal of Philosophical Logic 44(6): 835–849, 2015
[doi: 10.1007/s10992-015-9364-8] // [final draft] // [show abstract]

Conference Proceedings Publications

Negating Conditionals in Bilateral Semantics
Proceedings of the 22nd Amsterdam Colloquium: 407–416, 2019
[link] // [open access] // [show abstract]

Widening Free Choice
Proceedings of the 21st Amsterdam Colloquium: 511–520, 2017
[link] // [open access (final draft)] // [show abstract]

Subjective Attitudes and Counterstance Contingency (with Chris Kennedy)
Proceedings of SALT XXVI: 913–933, 2016
[link] // [open access] // [show abstract]

Simplifying Counterfactuals
Proceedings of the 20th Amsterdam Colloquium: 428–437, 2015
[link] // [open access] // [show abstract]

Indicative Scorekeeping
Proceedings of the 19th Amsterdam Colloquium: 249–256, 2013
[link] // [open access] // [show abstract]


Review of Epistemic Modality, edited by Egan and Weatherson
Philosophical Review 122(4): 641–647, 2013
[doi: 10.1215/00318108-2315324] // [final draft]


Reasons, Argumentation and Justification: DEON 2016 Special Issue (with Olivier Roy and Allard Tamminga)
Journal of Logic and Computation 29(2): 185–317, 2019
[editorial] // [contents]

Proceedings of DEON 2016 (with Olivier Roy and Allard Tamminga)
London: College Publications
[link] // [open access]

In Progress

Evidence, Attitudes, and Counterstance Contingency: Toward a Pragmatic Theory of Subjective Meaning (with Chris Kennedy)
[draft available at semanticsarchive.net] // [show abstract]