Negating Conditionals

I maintain, pace the common narrative in the existing literature, that negated ifs fail to provide good evidence for Conditional Excluded Middle. The full story, entitled “Negating Conditionals,” is now forthcoming in Oxford Studies in…

Lessons in S&P

My “Lessons from Sobel Sequences” is now available in its final glory at Semantics and Pragmatics. I could not be happier with the final product or the good home it found. doi: 10.3765/sp.10.4 [open access]

L&P Workshop 2017–18

This year’s University of Chicago Linguistic and Philosophy Workshop is off to a good start with a visit John Horty this Friday, September 29. Check out the program (still developing) here.

Subjectivity at SALT 26

Next stop will be Austin in May, where Chris Kennedy and I will be presenting our joint project on subjective attitude verbs at Semantics and Linguistic Theory. The abstract is available here.

Amsterdam Colloquium

This year's Amsterdam Colloquium will see me present my paper "Simplifying Counterfactuals." Here is the abstract: The fact that counterfactuals in general license simplification of disjunctive antecedents is a familiar problem for the traditional Lewis-Stalnaker…

Nonmonotonicity at Elucidations

Check out Matt Teichman and Daniel Smith and me musing over nonmonotonicity in Episode 75 of Elucidations. In case you do not know it yet: Elucidations is a fabulous philosophy podcast produced here at the…