I am Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Chicago. Before coming to the Windy City, I received my graduate training at the University of Texas at Austin and my undergra­duate training at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and Oxford University. My dissertation Modality in Flux develops a dynamic semantics for modals and was directed by Nicholas Asher and Josh Dever.

I grew up in the Lüneburg Heath near Hamburg, so I am used to scenic landscapes and cool weather. Chicago offers scenic skylines and very cold winters, which is a bit different from what I am accustomed to. But it also offers Lake Michigan, which is a perfect setting for a late afternoon run—when it’s not too cold—and is always nice to look at.

I am currently an associate editor at Semantics and Pragmatics and an area editor at Ergo. I am also a member of the DEON Steering Committee.