I got the good news that my article "Realizing What Might Be" is to appear in Philosophical Studies. The latest version of the paper is available in the Research section, and I will add the DOI as soon as it is assigned. The research section also has the abstract of the paper, but for the really impatient, here is the highlight reel:

  • There is a logical link between conditionals and epistemic modals.
  • The suppositional view of conditionals à la Edgington cannot account for this link.
  • In contrast, the dynamic view of conditionals can account for this link.
  • This is no mere coincidence: the dynamic view gets the fundamentals of hypothetical reasoning right, while the suppositional view gets them wrong.

UPDATE (2/18): The paper is now published online, DOI: 10.1007/s11098-010-9514-3.