Courses Presently Taught at the University of Chicago

None right now but in the fall I will be teaching a class on reference and description and a graduate seminar on the role of subjectivity in philosophy and linguistics.

Courses Previously Taught at the University of Chicago

Expressivism (PHIL 53341), Winter 2012 (Syllabus)
Human Being & Citizen II (HUMA 12400), Winter 2013 (Syllabus)
Dynamic Semantics (PHIL 20721/30721 // LING 20721/30721), Autumn 2012 (Syllabus)
Conditionals (PHIL 53340), Winter 2012 (Syllabus)
Meaning and Reference (PHIL 24010/34010), Winter 2012 (Syllabus)
Elementary Logic (PHIL 20100/30000), Autumn 2011 (Syllabus)
Human Being & Citizen I (HUMA 12300), Autumn 2011 (Syllabus)
Non-classical Logic (PHIL 29420/39420), Spring 2011 (Syllabus)
Meaning Without Truth (PHIL 52020), Winter 2011 (Syllabus)
Human Being & Citizen II (HUMA 12400), Winter 2011 (Syllabus)
Introduction to Philosophy of Language (PHIL 28010/38010), Autumn 2010 (Syllabus)

Courses Previously Instructed / Assisted at the University of Texas at Austin

Instructor, Introductory Symbolic Logic (PHL 313), Spring 2010 (Syllabus)
Instructor, Human Nature (PHL 303), Fall 2009 (Syllabus)
TA, Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (PHL 301K), L. Salas, Spring 2008
TA, Introduction to Philosophy (PHL 301), R. Kane, Fall 2007
TA, Contemporary Moral Problems (PHL 304), C. Krecz, Spring 2007
TA, Logic and Scientific Reasoning (PHL 313Q), J. Dever, Fall 2006
Reader, Introduction to Philosophy (PHL 301), J. Leon, Spring 2006
Reader, Knowledge and Reality (PHL 310), M. Goss, Fall 2005

Courses Previously Assisted at LMU Munich

Tutor, Metaphysics & Ontology (Theoretical Philosophy I/II), J. Hübner, Spring 2006